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25.3.5 Private Family Office

Learn about the structure, benefits, and operation of Private Family Offices for high-net-worth individuals.

Private Family Office

A Private Family Office (PFO) is an extension of the advisor-managed approach. Instead of relying on a single financial advisor, this approach entails a team of professionals that manage all facets of a high-net-worth client’s financial affairs from a centralized location. This holistic service includes managing investments, overseeing trusts and estates, facilitating philanthropy, providing corporate and tax planning, legal assistance, and essential account services like bill payments.

Characteristics of a Private Family Office

  • Customized Investment Management: Tailored specifically to each client’s needs by institutional portfolio managers, akin to pension management.
  • Comprehensive Financial Services: Includes everything from investment management to legal work and tax filing.
  • Client Threshold: This service is generally available to clients with assets exceeding $50 million.

Benefits of a Private Family Office

  1. Focus on Personal and Professional Life
  • High-net-worth clients can delegate financial management to experts, allowing them to concentrate on personal and other professional affairs.
  1. Integrated Service Delivery
  • Professionals across various disciplines (investment, legal, tax, etc.) coordinate their efforts, aligning all actions with the client’s overall financial strategy.

Fee Structure

Typically, the private family office services incur a fee based on assets under management (AUM). The fee structure ensures that clients only pay for the value the PFO brings by managing complex financial affairs and maintaining optimal portfolio performance.

Key Takeaways

  • High-net-worth threshold: Suitable for clients with more than $50 million in assets.
  • Integrated team approach: Multidisciplinary team handling comprehensive financial needs.
  • Focus and Efficiency: Clients are free to focus on other pursuits while their financial matters are professionally managed.


1. What is the minimum asset requirement for a private family office?

Typically, a private family office is conducted for clients with more than $50 million in assets.

2. What types of services does a private family office offer?

The range of services includes investment management, trust and estate oversight, philanthropy, corporate planning, tax planning and filing, legal assistance, and basic account services such as bill payment.

3. How is the fee for a private family office structured?

The services are usually conducted for a fee based on the assets under management (AUM).


Private Family Office (PFO): A sophisticated wealth management service where a team of professionals handles all aspects of a high-net-worth individual’s financial affairs.

Advisor-managed approach: A financial management method where a professional advisor oversees the client’s investments and financial planning.

Institutional portfolio managers: Professional fund managers responsible for managing large sums of money for institutions, akin to managing a pension fund, but personalized for individual families in a PFO.

High-net-worth individuals: Individuals possessing investable assets (excluding primary residence) of over $50 million.

Charts and Diagrams

    graph TD;
	  Client-->Investment Management;
	  Client-->Trusts & Estates;
	  Client-->Corporate Planning;
	  Client-->Tax Planning & Filing;
	  Client-->Legal Work;
	  Client-->Basic Account Servicing -> Bill Paying;

Ready to explore a holistic approach to wealth management? Consider how a Private Family Office can align your financial affairs with your life goals.

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markdown ## What is a private family office primarily used for? - [ ] Only managing client investments - [x] Handling all financial affairs of high-net-worth clients within one central location - [ ] Providing only tax planning services - [ ] Serving as a brokerage firm > **Explanation:** A private family office is designed to manage all financial affairs of high-net-worth clients, including investments, tax planning, legal work, trust and estates, and more, all within one central location. ## Which of the following clients typically have access to a private family office? - [ ] Clients with less than $1 million in assets - [ ] Clients with over $10 million in assets - [x] Clients with more than $50 million in an account - [ ] Clients with any level of assets > **Explanation:** Typically, access to a private family office is reserved for clients with more than $50 million in assets. ## Who manages the investments within a private family office? - [ ] Individual retail advisors - [ ] Robo-advisors - [ ] Independent brokers - [x] Institutional portfolio managers > **Explanation:** Institutional portfolio managers, who manage investments similarly to pensions, are responsible for managing investments in a private family office. ## How is the service for a private family office typically charged? - [ ] Flat annual fee - [x] Fees on the assets under management - [ ] Hourly consulting rates - [ ] Commission per transaction > **Explanation:** Services of a private family office are generally conducted for a fee based on the assets under management. ## Which of the following is not typically included in a private family office service? - [ ] Tax planning and filing - [ ] Legal work - [ ] Basic account servicing - [x] Agricultural investments > **Explanation:** Typical services provided by a private family office include tax planning, legal work, account servicing, and more, but not necessarily agricultural investments. ## What allows the professionals in a private family office to align their services? - [x] They are all concentrated in one service location - [ ] Each professional operates independently - [ ] Outsourcing to third-party consultants - [ ] They have separate professional goals > **Explanation:** Professionals in a private family office are concentrated in one service location, allowing them to align their recommendations on all financial matters for the client. ## What is one key advantage of a private family office? - [ ] Lower fees compared to other advisory services - [ ] Less comprehensive financial management - [x] High-net-worth clients can focus on matters other than financial affairs - [ ] Limited customization of services > **Explanation:** One key advantage of a private family office is that high-net-worth clients can focus on matters other than their financial affairs. ## Which type of planning is usually unique for each family in a private family office? - [ ] Basic account management - [ ] Only legal affairs - [x] Investment management - [ ] Common financial planning > **Explanation:** Investment management within a private family office is usually unique for each family, tailoring to their specific needs and goals. ## Why might a high-net-worth individual prefer a private family office over a single financial advisor? - [x] Access to a team of integrated professionals - [ ] Lower overall costs - [ ] Less privacy in financial matters - [ ] Greater involvement in day-to-day financial decisions > **Explanation:** A high-net-worth individual might prefer a private family office because it provides access to a team of professionals integrated into all parts of their financial affairs. ## What is one of the key focuses for the professionals in a private family office? - [ ] Only making investment recommendations - [x] Aligning recommendations on investments, taxes, legal matters, and corporate needs - [ ] Specializing solely in corporate finance - [ ] Outsourcing account services to third-party firms > **Explanation:** One key focus for professionals in a private family office is aligning their recommendations across investments, taxes, legal matters, estate, and corporate needs to provide coordinated and comprehensive financial management.

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