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17.5.3 General Mutual Fund Requirements

This comprehensive guide lists and explains the general requirements for mutual funds with respect to filing, documentation, and regulatory adherence in Canada.


Most mutual funds in Canada are qualified for sale in all provinces and are registered in each specific jurisdiction. This section covers the key requirements and documents necessary for the distribution and sale of mutual funds, ensuring compliance with provincial and national regulations.

Registration and Distribution

Mutual funds must be registered for sale in each Canadian jurisdiction where they are offered. For most funds, particularly smaller ones, this registration is only done in provinces where the sales prospects are considered favorable.

Key Rule

Selling a fund’s securities to residents of provinces in which the fund has not been qualified is prohibited. Therefore, mutual fund representatives must strictly adhere to dealing only in funds that are registered in their jurisdiction.

Continuous Distribution and Disclosure Requirements

Because mutual funds are continuously distributing their securities, certain key disclosure documents must be provided to investors prior to purchase. These requirements are mandated by the National Instrument (NI) 81-101.

Key Disclosure Documents

  • Fund Facts Document: Investors must receive this before making a purchase. It provides essential details on the mutual fund such as investment objectives, performance metrics, and fee structures.

  • Simplified Prospectus: A condensed version of the full prospectus, providing a summary of the key information about the fund.

  • Annual Information Form (AIF): Offers extensive details about the fund, including its operations, management and financial health.

  • Financial Statements: Includes annual audited statements or interim unaudited financial statements detailing the financial performance of the fund.

  • Other Required Information: This may include material change reports or information circulars, depending on the provincial or territorial regulations where the fund is distributed.

Compliance with NI 81-101

NI 81-101 mandates that the Fund Facts document must be delivered to investors before they purchase a mutual fund. While it is the only document universally required prior to purchase, investors have the right to request additional documentation:

  • Simplified Prospectus
  • Annual Information Form (AIF)
  • Financial Statements

Upon request, the distributor is obligated to provide these documents to the investor.

Key Takeaways

  • Registration: Ensure that mutual funds are registered in the specific provinces where they are intended for sale.

  • Disclosure: Prior to purchase, investors must receive the Fund Facts document. They can also request further documentation.

  • Compliance: Adherence to NI 81-101 and other relevant provincial guidelines is crucial to lawful mutual fund distribution.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the main documents required for mutual fund compliance?

The Fund Facts document, Simplified Prospectus, Annual Information Form (AIF), and financial statements are crucial for mutual fund compliance.

Can a mutual fund be sold in a province where it is not registered?

No. Selling a mutual fund in a province where it is not registered is prohibited.

What is NI 81-101?

NI 81-101 is a National Instrument that sets forth the requirements for mutual fund distributions in Canada, focusing primarily on disclosure documents that must be provided to investors.

What should an investor do if they require more information about a fund?

Investors can request additional documents such as the Simplified Prospectus, AIF, or financial statements. The distributor must provide these documents upon request.


Fund Facts Document: A short, easy-to-understand document that provides key information about a mutual fund.

Simplified Prospectus: A condensed version of the full prospectus that summarizes vital details about a fund.

Annual Information Form (AIF): A comprehensive document providing essential details about the operations, management, and financial status of a fund.

NI 81-101: National Instrument 81-101 responsible for setting the standards for mutual fund distribution and disclosure in Canada.

Material Change Reports: Documents filed to inform investors about significant changes in the operations or business of the fund.

Diagram: Registration and Disclosure Process

    flowchart LR
	    A[Register Mutual Fund] --> B[File Full or Simplified Prospectus]
	    B --> C{Sales Prospects Favorable?}
	    C -- Yes --> D[File in Relevant Provinces]
	    C -- No --> E[Reassess Sales Strategy]
	    D --> F[Distribute Fund Facts Document to Investors]
	    F --> G[Provide Additional Documents on Request (Prospectus, AIF, Financial Statements)]

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## What is required before an investor makes a mutual fund purchase? - [ ] The AIF document - [ ] The simplified prospectus - [x] The Fund Facts document - [ ] The annual audited statements > **Explanation:** According to NI 81-101, the Fund Facts document must be delivered to investors before they purchase a mutual fund. ## Where must mutual funds be registered before they can be sold? - [ ] Only in provinces with large populations - [ ] In any provinces where they have advertising - [x] In each jurisdiction they are sold - [ ] Only in the investor's home province > **Explanation:** Mutual funds must be registered for sale in each jurisdiction where they are sold. ## What prospectus must most mutual funds annually file? - [x] A full or simplified prospectus - [ ] An environmental impact prospectus - [ ] A summary prospectus - [ ] A corporate prospectus > **Explanation:** Most mutual funds are required to file a full or simplified prospectus annually, acceptable to the provincial securities administrator. ## Which document outlines the continuous state of distribution for mutual funds? - [ ] The annual audited statement - [ ] The interim unaudited financial statements - [x] The Fund Facts document - [ ] The material change reports > **Explanation:** The Fund Facts document is required because mutual funds are considered to be in a continuous state of primary distribution. ## What happens if a mutual fund is sold in a province where it is not registered? - [ ] It can still be sold without consequences - [ ] It requires a verbal notification to investors - [ ] It can be approved retroactively - [x] It is prohibited > **Explanation:** Selling a fund’s securities to residents of provinces in which the fund has not been qualified is prohibited. ## What document must mutual fund representatives provide upon investor request? - [ ] Only the Fund Facts document - [x] Simplified prospectus, AIF, and financial statements - [ ] Advertising materials about the fund - [ ] Only the annual audited statements > **Explanation:** An investor may request delivery of the simplified prospectus, the AIF, or the financial statements, and the distributor must provide them. ## Which document is NOT required under NI 81-101 prior to purchasing a mutual fund? - [ ] Fund Facts document - [x] The simplified prospectus - [ ] The annual audited statements - [ ] The interim unaudited financial statements > **Explanation:** NI 81-101 requires only that the Fund Facts document be delivered to investors before they purchase a mutual fund. ## What other types of information might be required by provinces or territories? - [ ] Environmental reports - [x] Material change reports and information circulars - [ ] Competitor's statements - [ ] Investor home addresses > **Explanation:** Provinces or territories may require other information such as material change reports and information circulars. ## Which regulatory national instrument outlines the requirements for mutual fund disclosures? - [ ] NI 45-106 - [x] NI 81-101 - [ ] NI 51-102 - [ ] NI 31-103 > **Explanation:** NI 81-101 outlines the requirements for mutual fund disclosures. ## Who ensures the full or simplified prospectus is acceptable before being filed by mutual funds? - [x] The provincial securities administrator - [ ] The federal securities commission - [ ] Independent auditing firms - [ ] The internal fund manager > **Explanation:** The provincial securities administrator ensures that the prospectus is acceptable before being filed by the mutual fund.

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