Investment Analysis

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  • 13. Fundamental And Technical Analysis
    Learn the essential methods of fundamental and technical analysis in investment, how they affect security valuation, and their applications.
    • 13.1 Introduction
      This introduction provides a comprehensive overview of the essential tools and techniques for evaluating investment opportunities, incorporating both fundamental and technical analysis within the financial markets.
    • 13.2 Methods Of Equity Analysis
      A comprehensive guide covering the methods of equity analysis, focusing on fundamental and technical analysis, and providing detailed insights, formulas, charts, and key takeaways to help you prepare for the Canadian Securities Course certification exam.
      • 13.2.1 Overview Of Fundamental Analysis
        Learn about fundamental analysis in the context of the Canadian Securities Course (CSC), including its importance in evaluating capital market conditions, economic conditions, industry conditions, and individual companies to measure intrinsic value.
      • 13.2.2 Overview Of Technical Analysis
        Discover the fundamentals and key concepts of technical analysis in securities trading. Learn how past price movements and market sentiment help predict future price directions.
      • 13.2.3 Market Theories
        Explore the three major stock market theories - efficient market hypothesis, random walk theory, and rational expectations hypothesis, along with their variations and implications for investment strategies.
    • 13.3 Fundamental Macroeconomic Analysis
      Understand how three macroeconomic factors—fiscal policy, monetary policy, and inflation—influence investor expectations and the price of securities. Learn the impact of unpredictable events such as international crises, regulatory changes, and technological innovations.
      • 13.3.1 Fiscal Policy Impact
        A comprehensive analysis of how fiscal policy impacts economic performance, government spending, taxation, and investment.
      • 13.3.2 Monetary Policy Impact
        Learn about the impact of monetary policy on the economy, securities market, and the effects of inflation on corporate profits and price-earnings multiples.
    • 13.4 Fundamental Industry Analysis
      Detailed guide on fundamental industry analysis explaining industry classification, impact on stock valuation, and factors affecting company profitability.
    • 13.5 Technical Analysis
      Explore the essentials of technical analysis within the Canadian Securities Course (CSC). Understand the tools and assumptions that technical analysts utilize to determine future price trends based on historical market data.
    • 13.6 Summary
      This summary covers the key aspects of fundamental and technical analysis, highlighting their differences, underlying hypotheses, macroeconomic factors, industry classifications, and the role of competitive forces.
  • 14. Company Analysis
    Explore the fundamentals of company analysis in financial securities, including the evaluation of financial statements, financial ratios, and the assessment of preferred shares investment quality.
    • 14.1 Introduction
      Learn the fundamentals of conducting company analysis for determining investment potential in this chapter. This guide offers tools and insights into assessing a company’s financial statements and identifying risks and opportunities.
    • 14.2 Performing Company Analysis
      Explore the essential factors involved in performing a thorough company analysis to identify lucrative investment opportunities, utilizing fundamental analysis and financial statements.
      • 14.2.1 Statement Of Comprehensive Income Analysis
        A comprehensive guide on Statement Of Comprehensive Income Analysis, understanding its components, performing in-depth financial ratio analysis, trend analysis, external comparisons, and their implications on company’s performance.
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