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7.5.1 Sell Side

Understand the sell side of fixed-income trading, including the roles of investment bankers, traders, and sales representatives. Learn about their responsibilities and how they contribute to the financial markets.

The Sell Side

The sell side of fixed-income trading represents the investment dealer side. Sell-side institutions or divisions focus on the trading activities, specifically the buying and selling of investment products for their internal accounts.

Sell-side services encompass a wide array of activities such as creating, producing, distributing, researching, marketing, and trading fixed-income products.

Primary Occupational Roles on the Sell Side

Most medium-to-large sell-side firms structure their fixed-income departments into three main occupational roles:

Investment Banker

Investment bankers assist clients in structuring new debt issues and introducing these new issues to the primary market. Their primary clients are firms looking to raise funds to support working capital requirements or fund asset acquisitions.

Key Functions include:

  • Structuring new debt issues
  • Bringing new issues to the primary market
  • Advising on capital raising strategies


Traders specialize in trading securities that exist in the secondary market. They typically engage in proprietary trading, meaning they trade for the investment dealer’s own account.

Key Functions include:

  • Trading existing securities in the secondary market
  • Proprietary trading
  • Managing trading risks

Sales Representative

Sales representatives are responsible for marketing both new (primary) and existing (secondary) products. They also conduct research, provide market analysis, credit analysis, and commentary. Additionally, they take client orders and relay them to traders for pricing.

Key Functions include:

  • Marketing new and existing products
  • Conducting research and market analysis
  • Providing credit analysis and commentary
  • Relaying client orders to traders

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What is the primary difference between the sell side and the buy side?

The sell side refers to firms that issue, sell, or trade securities, while the buy side refers to firms that purchase and manage assets for clients.

Q2: How do investment bankers contribute to the primary market?

Investment bankers help firms raise capital by structuring new debt issues and bringing them to the primary market. They play a crucial role in facilitating these initial issuances.

Glossary of Terms

  • Primary Market: The financial market where new securities are issued and sold for the first time.
  • Secondary Market: The financial market where investors buy and sell securities that have already been issued and are currently in circulation.
  • Proprietary Trading: Trading conducted by a firm with its own money as opposed to trading on behalf of clients.

Key Takeaways

  • The sell side focuses on trading investment products for their own accounts.
  • It includes services like creating, producing, distributing, researching, marketing, and trading fixed-income products.
  • Key roles in the sell side are Investment Banker, Trader, and Sales Representative.
  • Investment bankers handle structuring and deploying new debt issues to the primary market.
  • Traders handle proprietary trading in the secondary market.
  • Sales representatives market products, conduct research, and facilitate client orders.

Understanding these key roles and functions of the sell side can greatly enhance one’s comprehension of fixed-income trading dynamics.

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## What is the primary concern of sell-side institutions in fixed-income trading? - [ ] Investing for long-term appreciation - [ ] Providing investment guidance to individual investors - [ ] Managing pension funds - [x] Trading for their own accounts > **Explanation:** Sell-side institutions primarily focus on trading investment products for their own accounts. ## What are the primary roles within sell-side institutions? - [ ] Financial advisor, portfolio manager, research analyst - [ ] Investment banker, financial planner, insurance agent - [ ] Sales representative, mutual fund manager, credit officer - [x] Investment banker, trader, sales representative > **Explanation:** Sell-side institutions typically have investment bankers, traders, and sales representatives handling fixed-income duties. ## What is the function of investment bankers within sell-side firms? - [ ] They manage portfolios and provide asset allocation advice - [ ] They provide real estate investment services - [x] They help clients structure new debt issues and bring these issues to the primary market - [ ] They conduct analysis on commodities > **Explanation:** Investment bankers assist their clients in structuring new debt issues and bringing them to the primary market. ## What role do traders play in the sell-side fixed-income market? - [ ] They primarily provide investment advice to individual investors - [ ] They execute trades on behalf of their clients - [x] They trade securities in the secondary market on a proprietary basis - [ ] They create legal documents for trading > **Explanation:** Traders trade securities that already exist in the secondary market, typically on a proprietary basis. ## What are the responsibilities of sales representatives on the sell side? - [ ] They only conduct credit analysis - [ ] They are responsible for corporate accounting - [x] They market new and existing products, conduct research, and provide market and credit analysis - [ ] They underwrite insurance policies > **Explanation:** Sales representatives on the sell side market new and existing products, and they conduct various analyses and research. ## To whom do sales representatives relay client orders? - [ ] Portfolio managers - [ ] Financial advisors - [ ] Compliance officers - [x] Traders > **Explanation:** Sales representatives relay client orders to traders for pricing. ## Which market do investment bankers mainly target with new debt issues? - [x] Primary market - [ ] Secondary market - [ ] Tertiary market - [ ] Real estate market > **Explanation:** Investment bankers target the primary market with new debt issues. ## In the context of fixed-income trading, what does a proprietary trader do? - [ ] Trades with funds from clients' portfolios - [ ] Trades based on insider information - [x] Trades securities for the firm's own account - [ ] Trades only government bonds > **Explanation:** A proprietary trader trades securities for the firm's own account using the firm's funds. ## What kind of analysis do sales representatives conduct? - [ ] Real estate analysis - [ ] Forensic accounting - [x] Market analysis and credit analysis - [ ] Regulatory impact analysis > **Explanation:** Sales representatives conduct market and credit analysis as part of their role in sell-side institutions. ## Fixed-income trading on the sell side involves creating and distributing which types of products? - [ ] Real estate investments - [ ] Equity securities - [ ] Derivatives only - [x] Fixed-income products > **Explanation:** The sell side of fixed-income trading involves creating, producing, distributing, and trading fixed-income products.

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